Linking the ATO service to your myGov Account

The number of calls from clients  inquiring into why they have not yet received their Notice of Assessments, Statement of Accounts, Activity statements and Instalment notices from our office either by email or post has escalated recently.
This will now be the case if you have registered for a myGov account and have linked the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) service to your account.
If you have registered for a myGov account there are a number of services that can be linked including Medicare, Centrelink, Child Support, National Disability Insurance Scheme, Australian JobSearch, My Aged Care, Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Australian Taxation Office.
If you have linked the ATO service to your myGov account, all correspondence from the ATO (i.e. letters and documents) will be sent directly to your myGov inbox rather than through the post or to Advanced Accounting and Advisory, your tax agent.
The ATO will then send you an email or text message notifying you of a new message in your myGov inbox.  It is important you review these messages.
There are two options available in regards to receiving ATO correspondence:

  1. You can choose to keep your myGov account linked with the ATO service and receive ATO correspondence directly via myGov. This means that Advanced Accounting and Advisory will no longer be the primary contact point for your ATO correspondence. As such, we will NOT necessarily check the ATO documents or send you a reminder to pay.
  2. If you would prefer Advanced Accounting and Advisory to receive your ATO correspondence in the same way as in the past and receive correspondence directly (where we will be able to check the documents received, before they are emailed or posted to you), you will need to log on to your myGov account and unlink the ATO service.

Should you wish to unlink the ATO service from your myGov account, we have provided clear, step by step instructions here. You can also find more information about your myGov account here.
Please note: This will not affect mail you receive from other Government departments via myGov. You can also re-link the Australian Taxation Office service at any time, should this method of receiving ATO correspondence not suit you.
Should you have any further questions, please contact the office.

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